Trump came. Trump saw. No one died.

By | November 11, 2016

Trump came. Trump saw. No one died.

Don’t ask the Clintonites though. The Left has gone mad and is vastly overreacting, particularly among the feminists. People were actually crying over her defeat. And here’s why:

The social justice warriors and the feminists painted a picture in their minds as to what an ideal female presidential candidate should be, and they made themselves believe that Hillary was just that. Instead, she’s a warmonger and is a great candidate for teaching Corruption 101.

As a result, they turned their anger toward Trump, signaling that the virtue that they mistakenly found in Hillary was gone for good. The end of the world has come. Misogny wins, and women’s rights are dead. But they were not going to be revived with Hillary.

Trump is a terrible person. Everyone gets that. But to assume that Hillary was some noble example of humility, compassion, and love, is to exemplify ignorance for the political landscape and to overestimate the policy differences between the two candidates.

Different personalities. Same evil.