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Even Rand voted for sanctions…

Thomas Massie was the lone Representative voting against the reauthorization of the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 today… even Rand Paul voted yea. Good for Bernie abstaining. Roll call  

Black Thursday and the Free Market

Unless the almighty government steps in to make it illegal, or at least limits the ability, to open retail doors on Thanksgiving, the market is going to decide which stores are open and which are closed. Here are some stores that are open and those that are openly closed today. Open Bass Pro Shops Bealls Belk… Read More »

Next up on Essence of Economics

Given the political climate in the country surrounding such topics as protectionism and immigration, among others, I thought it would suit the listener to focus on these very issues in the coming weeks. After Economics in One Lesson, we’ll tackle a short article by Murray Rothbard on protectionism, followed by an issue of the Journal of Libertarian… Read More »