About the Podcast

When unexpected events come your way, they often interrupt your life and even change you forever.

That was my experience when Ron Paul ran for President in 2008 and I heard about Austrian economics.

At the time, I was in graduate school for political science and was completely enthralled by the ability of authors like Mises and Rothbard to explain the world in such fantastic detail.  I was on Mises.org, Fee.org, lewrockwell.com, all of the amazing libertarian websites day-in and day-out, absorbing everything I could about this new discovery.

Meanwhile, I finished my PhD in political science and am still hooked on economics.  I guess you could say I’m a wannabe economist.

That’s why I started this podcast.

Few of us have the leisure time to spend considerable time reading up on all of free market material we would like. My goal is to study the classics of free market economics and all the libertarian stuff I’ve never gotten around to reading… and then teach it to you.

I am no economist, so fear not the models, graphs, and jargon that often accompany economic literature.

I’m just a guy on a mission to understand the world.